Certified BEMIS Compliant EDI Product


1. What does Certification mean for the Competence Center EDI Baan Development?

The BEMIS-compliant EDI Product certification stands for quality in EDI implementations of the Baan ERP software environment.  Certification does not, however, guarantee that an EDI implementation will always be successful under all conditions. 

2. Which properties should  an EDI Translator Software Product / Supplier have?

Based on Baan's  EDI Business Document Interface (BEMIS), an EDI Translator Software Product should have the following properties:

  1. Technical exchange of the BEMIS Business Document Data:
    The EDI Translator Software Product supports the defined and completely described technical intergration for exchanging BEMIS Business Document Data (please refer to the BEMIS Cookbook). Moreover it does not matter which operating system will be used for the Baan System or the EDI Translator Software Product.

  2. BEMIS Business Document Standard for Baan ERP Products:
    The EDI Translator Software Product contains the required tools for translating BEMIS Business Documents to different industry-specific external standards and vice versa.

  3. BEMIS Implementation Strategy:
    The EDI Translator Software Supplier implements the BEMIS interface for projects using the BEMIS Implementation Startegy.