SSA Baan IV (26-Nov-2010)

SSA BaanERP (18-Mar-2011)

Infor LN (10-Dec-2014)


Date Modification
Message Document Defaults
26-Nov-2010 BaanIVc4-ags2:
Changed Message incoming RECHNU.
Reference (tfgld102.refr) added to position 4
Automotive Invoice    defaults.edi.c4.bem.rechnu.20101126
19-Oct-2010 BaanIVc4-ags0:
Changed Message incoming RECHNU.
Amount (tfgld102.amnt) moved from position 7 to 10
Automotive Invoice    defaults.edi.c4.bem.rechnu.20101019
23-Jan-2007 BaanIVc4-ags0:
Changed Message incoming FEINAB and outgoing ASN, LFAVIS, LFAVIT.

Processing Sequence of the Message Overhead of the listed incoming messages has changed. Order Reference (tcedi702.msno) moved from processing position 60 to 25
Shipping Schedule  U7118H US   defaults.edi.c4.bem.feinab.20070122
ASN without MBOL  U7180F US   defaults.edi.c4.bem.asn.20070122
ASN with MBOL  U7212G US   defaults.edi.c4.bem.lfavis.20070122
Schedule    defaults.edi.c4.bem.abruf.20070119
Self-billed Invoice    defaults.edi.c4.bem.gutsch.20070119
Invoice Run Number    defaults.edi.c4.bem.inro.20070119
Packaging Data    defaults.edi.c4.bem.ladung.20070119
ELP Shipment    defaults.edi.c4.bem.lfaedl.20070119
MAIS Pick-up Sheet    defaults.edi.c4.bem.maispu.20070119
Sequence Schedule    defaults.edi.c4.bem.prodab.20070119
Automotive Invoice    defaults.edi.c4.bem.rechnu.20070119
Valid ASN without MBOL    defaults.edi.c4.bem.valasn.20070119
Remittance Advice    defaults.edi.c4.bem.zahlav.20070119
12-Dec-2006 BaanIVc4:
New Message outgoing GUTSCH
Self-Billed Invoice  U7119E US   defaults.edi.c4.bem.gutsch.20061212
22-Dec-2004 BaanIVc4:
Changes are needed for the LFAVIT message, based on solution 148634
Shipment Notification  U7212F US   defaults.edi.c4.bem.lfavit.20041221
21-Dec-2004 BaanIVc4:
The message BEMIS Automotive Invoice (VDA) (Incoming) represents a functional change to the incoming BEMIS Automotive Invoice (message code RECHNU). Because of this functional change, a new incoming message has been created (message code INVVDA). Based on solution 147757
Automotive Invoice  U8600A US   defaults.edi.c4.bem.invvda.20041119
04-Jul-2003 BaanIVc4:
Modifications regarding Last Shipment information to solve case 990993
Schedule: New Conversion Setup ABRUF/V21 (In/Out)
Shipping Schedule: New Conversion Setup FEINAB/V21 (In/Out)
Schedule  (Details) U7117FUS   defaults.edi.c4.bem.abruf.20030704
Shipping Schedule  (Details) U7118GUS defaults.edi.c4.bem.feinab.20030704
20-Jun-2003 BaanIVc4:
Automotive Invoice: New Conversion Setup RECHNU/V22 (In/Out)
Automotive Invoice  (Details) U7113GUS defaults.edi.c4.bem.rechnu.20030620
06-May-2003 BaanIVc4:
New Conversion Setup ORDCHA (In) ORDCH3
Order Change
U7281AUS defaults.edi.c4.bem.ordcha.20030506
12-Aug-2002 BaanIVc4 - ags0:
New Conversion Setup regarding surcharges in the Automotive Invoice, based on solution 127436.
Automotive Invoice  (Details) U7113FUS defaults.edi.c4.bem.rechnu.20020812
22-Jul-2002 BaanIVc4 - ags0:
Modifications to support a German legal requirement (The company that renders the service must provide on each invoice its tax number, assigned by the local tax office).
Automotive Invoice  (Details) U7113EUS defaults.edi.c4.bem.rechnu.20020722
Trading Invoice  (Details) U7135DUS defaults.edi.c4.bem.einvoi.20020722
06-Mar-2002 BaanIVc4 - ags0:
Modifications to exchange Hazardous Material Information
Shipment Notification (with MBOL Header)  (Details) U7212EUS defaults.edi.c4.bem.lfavis.20020130
Shipment Notification (ASN)  (Details) U7180DUS defaults.edi.c4.bem.asn.20020130
28-Dec-2001 BaanIVc4 - sch1 / scc1:
DLL tdsscdll4915 must be used instead of tdsscdll4282 to process an incoming Shipping Schedule
Shipping Schedule NA NA
04-Oct-2001 BaanIVc4 - ags0:
Modifications to support AGS0 (Automotive Global Solution)
Schedule  (Details) U7117EUS   defaults.edi.c4.bem.abruf.20011004
Shipping Schedule  (Details) U7118FUS defaults.edi.c4.bem.feinab.20011004
Shipment Notification (with MBOL Header)  (Details) U7212DUS defaults.edi.c4.bem.lfavis.20011004
Shipment Notification (ASN)  (Details) U7180CUS defaults.edi.c4.bem.asn.20011004
17-Apr-2001 BaanIVc4:
Modified Conversion Setup (defaults.edi) for Trading Message
Orders  (Details) Default Data
24-Jan-2001 BaanIVc4:
Modified Conversion Setup (defaults.edi) for Trading Message
Orders Default Data
Order Change Default Data
Orderresponse Default Data
Invoice Default Data
01-Aug-2000 New Document Version (GM MGO)
Schedule U7117DUS
01-Aug-2000 New Document Version (GM MGO)
Schipping Schedule U7118EUS
25-Apr-2000 New Document Version (AMES-T)
Shipment Notification U7212CUS
20-Mar-2000 New Document Version
Trading Orders U7135CUS


Date Modification
Message Document Defaults
18-Mar-2011 Corelli
Added field SA3_END to outgoing BEM message ORS001.(Details) Default Data
19-Apr-2007 Corelli
Moved field ecedi702.msno to other processing sequences for incoming BEM messages DIS001, ORC001, ORD001, ORD002, ORS001, RAD001.(Details) Default Data
29-Jan-2002 Grieg: Modified message
Dispatch Advise (DIS001) (Details) U7302BUS
Corelli: Modified message
Dispatch Advise (DIS001) (Details) U7302BUS
05-Oct-2001 Corelli: Modified message
Orderchange (ORC001) (Details) U7302BUS
Orderresponse (ORS001) (Details)
30-Mar-2000 New Business Document
Remittance Advice (RAD001) U7400US

Infor LN

Date Modification
Message Document Defaults
10-Dec-2014 10.4
Conversion Setups for Infor LN 10.4. Default Data
10-Dec-2014 10.2.1
Conversion Setups for Infor LN 10.2.1 (Updates for Invoice messages). Default Data
17-Apr-2013 FP8
Conversion Setups for Infor LN 6.1 (Various product variant text issues resolved). Default Data
24-Aug-2012 FP8
Conversion Setups for Infor LN 6.1 (with modifications for ORD001 Multi level PCF data could not be read in successfully through EDI. Elements must be filled from 1-25 for the fields tipcf510.mitm, tipcf510.pono and tipcf510.sern. Default Data
11-May-2012 FP8
Conversion Setups for Infor LN 6.1 (with modifications for INV001 and INV100 to support new (main) tables used in CISLI and for ORC001 (added tdsls401.cprj to incoming message)). Default Data
03-Dec-2010 FP7
Conversion Setups for Infor LN 6.1 (with modifications for MRL001 and SEQ001 to support Features and Options). Default Data
29-Sep-2010 FP6
Conversion Setups for Infor LN 6.1 (with modifications for ASN001, MRL001, SHP001 and SEQ001 to support Customer Order Number). Default Data
29-Sep-2010 New Business Documents
Self-Billed Invoice (SBI001) U9631A US
Pick-Up Sheet (PUS001) U9627A US
11-Nov-2009 FP6
Conversion Setups for Infor LN 6.1 (with modifications for ASN001, RDN001, MRL001, SHP001, SEQ001 and ORC001). Default Data
Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN001) U9458B US
Receipt Discrepancy Notification (RDN001) U9466B US
Material Release (MRL001) U9443B US
Shipping Schedule (SHP001) U9446B US
Sequence Shipping Schedule (SEQ001) U9448B US
Trading Order Change (ORC001) U9442B US
20-Mar-2009 Modified Conversion Setup for Invoice.
Outgoing: Correction of Key Length for level 1 and 2.
Incoming: tfacp200.ifbp mapped to position 29 (instead of 45) and
the qualifier 1 mapped to position 30 (instead of 46)
Trading Invoice (INV001) BEM.FP3.defaults.edi.inv001.20090320
13-Aug-2008 FP3
Conversion Setups for ERP LN (with modifications for RAD001, OCA001, FML001, FMS001 and ERR001). Default Data
13-Aug-2008 New Business Documents
Remittance Advice (RAD001) U9513A US
Trading Order Change Acknowledgement/Response (OCA001) U9515A US
Load Information to Carrier (FML001) U9510A US
Carrier Status Information (FMS001) U9514A US
Error Notification (ERR001) U9516A US
15-Jul-2008 FP3
Conversion Setups for Infor LN 6.1. Default Data
15-Jul-2008 New Business Documents
Trading Order (ORD001) U9434A US
Trading Order Change (ORC001) U9442A US
Trading Order Response (ORS001) U9447A US
Trading Invoice (INV001) U9462A US
Trading Invoice (Tax on Lines) (INV100) U9478A US
Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN001) U9458A US
Receipt Discrepancy Notification (RDN001) U9466A US
Material Release (MRL001) U9443A US
Shipping Schedule (SHP001) U9446A US
Sequence Shipping Schedule (SEQ001) U9448A US